welcome to our lEARN page! thanks you for coming :)
here you're gonna learn about how we make our clothes - where do we get our raw materials and who makes our clothes.
we will also upload video tutorials, DIY ideas, and information about our upcoming workshops and events.



hOW tO:

our textiles come from two main sources: 1) local factories - we source factory off cuts, which we then either recreate a roll of fabric from, or patchwork surfaces from which we cut our garments. 2) second hand - either taken from discarded clothes found on the street, or sourced from second hand sorting facilities.
when we make, we try to first look at what is around us.

the materials we use to dye with, come from our urban surroundings - from old cabbages and onion skins from the local grocer, to used coffee grounds from the local coffee shop, and local flowers and leaves we come across.
we believe in creating clothes with longevity.

we want each of our garments to feel special and personalized to each of our customers. that is why we design our garments to be worn imaginatively - with the option of creating cut-outs, wearing garments inside-out, or turnning the garment around the body to reveal new silhouettes.
Portrait of Tamar Rosenzweig

A three object story is excited to talk to the inspiring and whimsical Tamar Rosenzweig

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