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P16 Triangle Top Lining

P16 Triangle Top Lining

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The P16 is a crossed strap, open back top, made from second hand suits lining fabrics.

Each P16 is double sided with one side featuring a darker shade (black, dark blue, dark green) and the other size featuring a lighter shade (white, beige, cream).



The p16 is made to have a snug fit (kind of corset-like), so in order wear comfortably please  adjust the length of the straps to place the neckline where you want it to be (higher\ lower), then pull on the ends of the draw-string straps until the sides of the garment form rushing that sit tightly on your waist and ribcage. tie the straps and you're ready to go :)

**DISCLAIMER: because all garments are made from textile waste seam placements, and color of textiles may vary for each garment. making each p16 a unique composition of textiles.


Material: 100% wasted lining fabrics (from local factory cut-offs and second hand suits)

 Dimensions: Onesize

Care and Instructions: delicate hand wash + air dry

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